Block of Flats Acquired in Bognor Regis 

April 2021

Star Property are pleased to have just completed the acquisition of this residential investment block of four flats in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. We continue to have a high demand for these types of investments, with a number of our clients still looking to expand their portfolios across the South East region. 

Breaking up a block of flats to sell off separately can usually get the vendor a higher end figure but at what cost? Often the process can take a long time and once you have sold one flat off there is no going back, the process can also be costly.

An investor who is buying an unbroken block of flats will usually look for a discount, however our investment clients have the ability to complete the transaction swiftly, with no delays or risk of broken chains which can outweigh any discount. 

If you have an investment property which you are thinking of selling and would like to arrange a valuation or just discuss potential options please get in touch with our Commercial Director Richard Lowrey.

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