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We offer a Wide Range of Services to help you throughout your property journey.

Off Market Acquisitions

With extensive knowledge of the local market place, we are able to assist our clients with the acquisition of properties that are both on & off the market. With an expansive number of business relationships we are able to directly approach a lot of owners of property. We also have the ability to tailor your search to specific properties, all you need to do is to tell us what it is you would like to buy, and we will do the rest for you. For further information or discuss your requirements please speak to a member of the team.

Gold star Guaranteed Purchase Scheme

For one reason or another, there are many people who need to sell their property very quickly with the speed of the transaction sometimes more important than the actual selling price itself. Whilst this can be achieved, it can often result in a weak and below market selling price being obtained, a reason perhaps why many chose to sell by auction as this particular method of sale will ensure the highest and best possible price is attained and will place the seller in a much less vulnerable and moreover, stronger position. However, what if a pre agreed price that is guaranteed was able to be put in place prior to the auction and if so, how would this work? Click to read more... 

Investment and Development Advice

Our experts will be able to advise and guide you through all your development options and opportunities and assist in ensuring your purchase is the right one for you. Whether it is a commercial or residential investment or a potential site for re-development, we can help you calculate all of your costs and expenses whilst at the same time provide you with gross development values and potential profit margins, making sure we help to maximise your properties value.


Landlord & Tenant Advice

An important part of any property transaction, as the Landlord & Tenant Act has many facets to it with awareness and understanding of each very crucial indeed. Here our team of experts can explain to you in detail the confines of each Act relevant to your purchase thereby ensuring you do not encounter any issues post purchase and importantly of course, when you come to sell or rent a property.


Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals

A fundamental part of any commercial portfolio is to ensure that all rents are in line with current market trends and this is another sector of the property market we heavily specialise in. We have clients across the south coast coming to us for advice in this respect, as not only is it vital for the passing rent to be correct but because in turn, this ensures capital values are where they should be, which is crucial when it comes to bank borrowing.


Valuations & Market Advice 

One of the most interesting parts of the property industry is having the opportunity to be able to value all types of different properties which come in many different shapes and sizes. Here it is important to understand the type of property we are being asked to consider, what it consists of and how to be able to achieve the best possible price for our client. Whilst we almost always prefer to physically inspect every property we are asked to advise on, we do now have the added option of both virtual and desktop valuations.

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